Third Party Independent Contractor Agreement

(a) the contractor is an independent contractor with respect to the provision of services under this agreement; Companies and contractors agree that nothing in this agreement [or soW] can be construed as (i) as a contractor as an independent contractor of the company for any purpose, or (ii) as the creation of an employer-employee relationship, partnership, franchise or joint venture between the company and the contractor (and the contractor will not declare to third parties the existence of such a relationship). This agreement may be terminated by one party if the other party does not meet its obligations under this contract in a timely manner, if timely performance is not ensured, or if, in other ways, it fails to meet its essential obligations; However, provided that the terminating party notifies the defaulting party in writing at least ten (ten) days in advance prior to termination, that it has set out the reasons for terminating the contract and that the defaulting party has the opportunity to remedy an alleged default within such a ten (10) period. This form assumes that the contractor is an individual. However, for several purposes (including ensuring that the person is an independent contractor and not a worker), it would be best for the contractor to have a commercial entity, and that the agreement was reached with that unit. Festivities: photographer and multiple list service. Alternatively, the agreement can be easily adapted for use by the broker, in this case the assignment of rights to the broker instead of multiple listing service. Instructions: This document is a stand-alone agreement. All spaces must be filled in and documents in Calendar A must be added. The first document is a description of the standard practices of the multiple list service with respect to the recording and provision of graphics. For example, if photos must meet certain requirements or need to be delivered in a particular format, these instructions must be included in the calendar.

Each party provides the other party and its associated companies, directors, executives, employees, partners, contractors or representatives of any right, deed, means, claim, claim or liability of any kind, including judgments, interest, reasonable legal fees and any other costs, fees, expenses and expenses (together “claims”), to the extent that these claims are or have been caused by liability. , gross negligence or wilful misconduct by the party compensated or violation of the agreement by the compensated party. The duration of the agreement begins on the effective date and continues until [DATE], unless something is extended by mutual consent and writes the parties or terminated within the time frame set out in that agreement.

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