Tesco Mobile Telecoms Agreement

It`s a nightmare. I`d give him 0 stars if I could. On November 9, during Closing 2, I had a new iPhone, but I had to sort it myself. One way or another, I managed to lock it, so the next day I took it back so they could pull it over. To cut a long story short, they were not able to do so and told me that I had to use a lap or pc to unlock it, nor of what I had, nor did I have to take it to an Apple store. They made my phone disinfected, they didn`t work. After chatting with Tesco Mobile and an online chat, I tried to contact Apple and I was put in touch with someone in SE Asia who said we could do it with an iPad. 45 minutes later he gave up and told me I had to go to an Apple store or use a laptop or PC. During the closing, I ask you? Nearest Apple store 58 km away.

When I was asked to give my opinion on the service, I tried to fill out her questionnaire three times, but I was removed from the deadline, and the third time she suggested ringing me, they must have my number. We haven`t heard of Tesco mobile. I wouldn`t recommend it. To use the Tesco Mobile site registration site, you will be asked to enter your mobile phone number and a pin will be sent to your mobile phone. You must keep these NNs confidential and not disclose them or share them with anyone. You are responsible for all activities that take place or are submitted under your password. If you know or think someone else knows your password or has used your mobile phone number to get a PIN, contact us. We believe that mobile phone networks should be more rewarding. That`s why we give you double clubcard points every time you charge in our stores, online or pay your bill with us. To sign up for double clubcard points and more, just go to the Mobile Tesco app or my.tescomobile.ie. Bought phone before 2yrs since the day, you never worked properly with all my data and have to buy more tesco very little useful buy me paid fobbing at the end of what I had for tesco for phone and went to another dealer and bought a new phone and gave me a great pleasure to forge the other phone to say they do not go with tesco cell phone go your money in December 2009 , Tesco Stores SR has announced the creation of a joint venture with Tschefénica Slovakia to offer mobile telecommunications services.

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