Telstra User Agreement Section 9

You will find Telstra`s AWS terms and conditions in (which are not part of our client conditions) The terms of the email API can be found in the Enhanced Business Services section in the Mobile section. Our customer conditions indicate our standard customer conditions. To understand your rights and obligations, you need to read both the terms and conditions of sale and the section relating to your service or solution. In accordance with telecommunications legislation, you and we must meet these conditions, unless we have agreed otherwise. This is the Basic Telephone Service section of our customer conditions. All Telstra Internet Solutions and Telstra Wholesale Internet Customers (“Customers”), including customers who are downstream suppliers, are required to comply with this usage policy as part of their agreement with Telstra for Internet access services (whether general terms, customer relationship agreement or wholesale agreement) (“Customer Agreement”). A copy of this manual can be downloaded by (c) in a way that could lead to Telstra overseeing any responsibility to any person; . Please note that it may take up to 48 hours for changes to our terms of use to be updated on this site. Here are the terms and conditions of Telstra Home Phone plans (for businesses).

For customers who have logged into a Telstra Internet Direct service on March 1, 2018 or from March 1, 2018, M2M VPN Solution and M2M VPN IP ACCESS Service. The only circumstances in which the Telstra network can be used to send unwanted emails in terms of advertising or advertising (also called “spam”), when the unsolicited email is sent to people with whom the sender has an existing professional, professional or personal relationship or to people who have previously reported their consent to receive emails from the sender.B from time to time, for example by clicking on a corresponding box on the provider`s website. If these requirements are not met, the customer should not send unwanted mass emails to the Telstra network. If these requirements are met, the customer must also provide a churn function on their website (and make this feature known to recipients in the corresponding emails) allowing those recipients to opt out of that mailing list.

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